The Ethereum Processing Unit Introduced by ForestMiner

Forest Miner EPU 1-C Collage


Wednesday, Jun 22, 2022

Saint Louis, USA — ForestMiner and LIMINAL introduce the Ethereum Processing Unit (EPU), the new available industry leading standard Ethereum Proof-of-Work miner. The first machine, the Forest EPU 1 (EPU 1), is released worldwide and exclusively for distribution in North America, with LIMINAL. 

“The Forest EPU 1 is available and ready to ship to you, wherever you are located,” said Lily Han, Head of Sales for ForestMiner. “We are excited to design a technology that may be used to both process transactions on the Ethereum blockchain and provide stable network securing technology for the Ethereum network.”

The Forest EPU 1 is a ready-to-ship efficient miner on the market computing 2600 Megahashes per second using the ETHash or ETCHash algorithm. For every Megahash of computational power, the EPU 1 only uses 1.42 Watts of electricity. With 5.5 Gigabytes of Memory, the EPU 1 has enough storage capacity to handle the Ethereum Blockchain for a long time. And, when the Ethereum Merge takes place, we are here to assist customers to transition their EPU 1’s to securing the ETC Blockchain using the ETCHash algorithm.

“LIMINAL is here for you to augment your data centers with Ethereum Processing Units,” said Jon Phillips, CEO of LIMINAL. “In anticipation, we have sent Forest EPU 1’s out to key data centers who are sharing their experiences through social media. As strong supporters of blockchain innovation and security, the Forest EPU 1 bolsters humanity’s path towards transactional efficiency.”

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